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It’s not difficult to get customers into pastry shops in Dunedin. In fact, the most challenging part of owning a pastry shop in Dunedin is staying consistent and up to date with new recipes and much more. However, if you want to attract customers and increase sales at your pastry shop, there are some tips you need to know. Southern Bay Bakery has for you some tips for attracting more customers:

Feature specialty pastries

In a few words, pastries are baked goods made with a variety of ingredients and shapes, including cakes, pies and tarts. So pastries are a popular dessert item and can be made with many different types of fruit or other fillings. Having tasteful and unique pastries per day of the week is a good way to attract customers. 

Anyone knows the famous croissant or the chocolate cupcake, however surprising your clients with something new can increase your sales by selling additional pastries or getting more clients that actually are looking for that new pastry.

Look for opportunities to make your shop available to niche audiences

This may include partnering with other businesses, local organizations or other pastry shops. For example, you could partner with a local health clinic and offer them muffins on the house as a thank you for the patients who come in for their appointments. Or you could partner with an organization that supports homeless youth and use the proceeds from your weekend sales to buy them new shoes or clothing.

Have a beautiful and inviting storefront

Southern Bay Bakery is a pastry shop in Dunedin that knows this well. Most of the time it’s the first impression that matters to get potential customers into your pastry shop so it’s important to have an attractive and inviting storefront. Your window displays should have plenty of fresh products and don’t forget about seasonal items!

Keep your store well lit; this will help reduce eye strain for customers who may be visiting after dark or in poorer lighting conditions. You should also make sure that everything is clean and organized so that customers can find what they need quickly and easily. This will allow them to spend more time enjoying their purchases rather than looking for something new every five minutes because they had difficulty navigating through all those custom cakes or holiday pies.

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Surprise your customers with an unadvertised promotion

One way to attract customers is by surprising them with an unadvertised promotion. This can take a variety of forms, but the general idea is that you are offering something that they don’t expect. The key here is to create a sense of urgency and excitement around your shop, which will lead people to buy more than they normally would have.

To achieve this goal, offer a discount or freebie for the first 10 customers through your doors on a specific day. You can also throw in other surprises along with this promotion: maybe give away free samples of some new pastry or do an “appetizer” special—basically whatever it takes to get people excited about coming in!

It may seem like a very complicated marketing strategy but it works just the same to appreciate the loyalty of your clients. Don’t forget to say thank you with good offers.

Create a unique and welcoming atmosphere

Make sure your pastry shop is clean and well-lit. If a customer walks into your bakery, the first thing they notice should be how clean it is. You can also attract customers by making sure there is plenty of natural light inside your store so flowers, cakes and pastries look their best.

Make sure your staff are friendly and helpful. Most people want to work in pleasant atmospheres, where they feel respected by management and able to give their best at what they do. A great pastry shop in Dunedin will also offer training for its staff so that all employees know how to make the products correctly, which can only help improve customer satisfaction!

Capitalize on the health-conscious crowd by offering low-sugar gluten-free pastries

The health-conscious crowd is a huge market for pastry shops. Unfortunately, many people mistakenly believe that low-sugar gluten-free pastries are not delicious! You can change that perception in your pastry shop by offering a variety of both gluten-free and vegan pastries.

If you want to get your customers on board with the idea of healthy desserts, offer samples! Not only will this give them a chance to try your product before they buy it, but it will also make them feel better about themselves because they’re eating something that’s good for their bodies.

Stay open later than your competitors

To stay competitive, you’ll need to do something different than your competitors. A good way to do this is by staying open later than they do(if possible).  This tip may apply for customers who work late into the evening to stop by for a snack before heading home. You could also consider adding a dessert-and-drink special that’s only available after dark

Feature samples of your most popular desserts throughout the day

The best way to introduce new customers to your pastries is by offering them samples. A good sampling program in your pastry shop in Dunedin can help you build a loyal customer base and also help you understand your customers’ preferences. You can use the information you glean from sampling to improve your product so that it better suits their tastes and needs.

At Southern Bay Bakery we believe that a successful business is about more than just selling a  product,  it’s also about creating an experience for your customers. This is the first thing that people think of when they think of a bakery, but it should be more than just cakes and pastries and lattes. It should be a place where people can relax with friends over coffee and pastries, or take their kids after school so they can enjoy some delicious treats with their friends too.


Closing this article, it is worth mentioning that your social media presence is also crucial to have a successful pastry shop in Dunedin. Finally, remember that customer service should always be a priority! Make sure each customer gets the attention they deserve by greeting them when they enter your pastry shop with a smile on your face. Contact Southern Bay Bakery for custom cakes!


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