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When it comes to cakes, there are lots of options out there. You can buy a premade cake from your local bakery or supermarket and enjoy it on your special day. However, there is another option that you might want to consider: custom made cakes. A custom made cake is one that is specially designed for you and your loved ones by a professional baker at their home business or in a local cake or pastry shop. There are many benefits associated with choosing this route over buying an off-the-shelf piece of confectionary. Below, Southern Bay Bakery will look at some of these advantages so you can better understand why they make such great choices:

You are in charge

  • You have control of everything: You can choose the color, flavor and design. You can also choose the size and shape of your cake. If you want a three tier wedding cake then go ahead! If you prefer tea cakes or cupcakes for your baby shower then go ahead! And if you’re looking to impress someone with a unique birthday cake then go ahead! With custom made cakes there is no limit to what can be done for your special occasion.
  • Variety is key: There are so many options available when it comes to custom made cakes that there really is something for everyone out there! Perhaps try some exotic flavors like raspberry cheesecake, passion fruit curd or tiramisu? Or maybe something sweetly nostalgic like teddy bear cupcakes? Whatever style of cake floats your boat, we will work with our suppliers and our clients to create exactly what they want without compromise on quality or freshness.

Quality and presentation

Your custom cake will look just how you imagined. Because it was made from scratch, with the freshest ingredients, it will be incredibly delicious and flavorful.

Your cake will be made to your specifications. You can choose your favorite flavor, design, and color combination for a unique cake that is all about you!

Custom cakes are made with care by experienced bakers who want to give their customers the best possible experience every time they visit our shop or order online.

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Custom cakes are unique

There are many benefits to choosing custom-made cakes. One of the most obvious ones is that you can get a cake that is unique and one-of-a-kind, which makes it special for everyone involved. You can choose the design, color and flavor of your cake. You can also choose how big or small you want it to be as well as what type of cake topper or accessories you want on top (piped flowers, edible figurines) – all according to your taste!

Custom cakes are made from scratch

Here are some of the benefits you get when you go with a custom made cake at Southern Bay Bakery:

  • The ingredients are made from scratch, so they’re fresh and not full of preservatives. They also won’t contain any artificial ingredients, additives or flavors.
  • There is no refined sugar in the batter so that means your cake will be healthier for you to eat!
  • Hydrogenated oils aren’t used in making these cakes which means that your slice of heaven won’t have unnecessary fats added to it!
  • Stabilizers don’t need to be included either since they’re all natural here at Southern Bay Bakery!

A bit of cake trivia!

You might be wondering why people are so obsessed with cake. Well, it’s because it’s delicious! Cake is a sweet food made with flour, sugar, eggs, dairy products and often flavoring. It is often served as desserts at special occasions such as birthday parties or weddings. Cake has been around for thousands of years and was probably first created in Ancient Egypt around 3000 BC.

The benefits of choosing custom made cakes is that they are made just for you.

When you choose a custom made cake, you get to choose the design. You can choose from many different designs that are offered by the bakery. You can also have an original design made just for you. If there is a picture that has caught your eye on Pinterest or in a magazine, bring it in and tell them what type of cake they want to make and they will do it!

You get to choose the flavor of your custom made cake. The bakeries have many popular flavors that are always available but if there is something special that you have in mind then make sure before ordering because most bakers will not be able to accommodate any special requests after placing an order!

You also get to choose what size and shape of cake would be best suited for each event whether it’s just a family gathering or something more elaborate like a wedding reception! It all depends on how big an area needs to be covered so make sure this has been taken care of before ordering anything else out first place because otherwise things may start falling apart later down road when everyone begins eating too much dessert – we wouldn’t want anything going wrong now would we? No way!


In conclusion, a custom cake will be made just for you and it will be something that is truly unique. It is a great way to show off your personality and style while still being able to make the cake exactly how you want it. And let’s not forget about taste! With all of the different flavors available, there really is no limit on what flavor combinations can be made. Custom cakes are definitely worth considering if ever asked about ordering one again! Contact Southern Bay Bakery and we’ll help you create your perfect custom cake!


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