Holiday pies.


Holiday pies

Southern Bay Bakery have almost every kind of Holiday and Thanksgiving pie you can imagine and also have them available in mini/individual portions as well. You can’t help drooling over all the desserts and pies Southern Bay Bakery have and definitely wont let you resist the temptation of bringing at least one home with you. Our Holiday pie, Thanksgiving pie, pastries are from scratch. These two words separate Southern Bay Bakery from other bakeries that consider taking an already made dessert from a bag and calling it homemade. Nothing at Southern Bay Bakery comes originally frozen – nothing premade. Every ingredient is precisely measured out on a scale and mixed together to create the aromatic magic that guests discover upon entering the bakery have been hand crafted from the talent and imagination of founder and head chef Haylee Shaddock.

When it’s homemade, you can see and taste the difference. Southern bay bakery located in the heart of St.Peteresburg, and soon to open in Dunedin. When someone thinks of fresh, homemade Holiday pie and thanksgiving pie with quality ingredients, and unparalleled flavor, think Southern Bay Bakery. We are open Tuesday through Sunday, baking is in Founder and Head Chef Haylee Shaddock’s blood. When shadowing her grandmas in the kitchen as a young girl, Chef Haylee fell in love with creating homemade sweets. She knew early on that baking was a passion and that she wanted to turn that passion into a future. After years of education and honing her skills under master bakers, Southern Bay Bakery is a childhood dream turned into reality.


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Southern Bay Bakery products.

Gluten Free
• Peanut Butter Cookie
• Clichey
• Marjolaine
• Buckeye’s
• Chocolate Decadence
• Espresso Cookie
• Coconut Macaroon
• Almond Horn
• Brownie

• Chicken Pot Pie
• Pizza
• Bagels
• Quiche
• Savory Croissants
• Challah Bread
• Rye Bread
• Pumpernickel Bread

• Tiramisu
• Bread Pudding
• Lemon Bar
• Key Lime Bar
• Apple Hand Pie
• Blueberry Hand Pie
• Cherry Hand Pie
• NY Cheesecake
• Chicago Cheesecake
• Apple Strudel
• Blueberry Strudel
• Poppy Seed Strudel
• Cherry Strudel
• Cannoli
• Blueberry Pound Cake
• Banana Nut Bread
• Fudge Brownie
• Butterscotch Blondie
• Boozy Bites
• Cake Bites
• Cupcakes

• Cinnamon Bun
• Blueberry Scone
• Glorious Morning Muffin
• Blueberry Muffin
• Cheese Danish
• Apple Cheese Danish
• Raspberry Cheese Danish
• Chocolate Cigar
• Raspberry Cigar
• Donuts
• Sfogliatelle
• Éclairs
• Chocolate Croissant
• Croissant

• Paw-Paw’s Cowboy Cookie
• Chocolate Chip
• Signature
• Chocolate Ginger
• Italian Wedding