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Your child’s birthday can be an extremely special time for them as they celebrate with friends and family. Especially for younger children, memorable birthdays can help raise their self-esteem and strengthen personal bonds. As such, it can be important to ensure the party goes well, from inviting the right people to arranging entertainment and food for the guests.

One key consideration, often part of the party highlight, is the birthday cake. The birthday cake that your child will blow their candles out after the Happy Birthday song should not disappoint! Of course, the decision on the flavor of the cake can depend on a variety of factors such as theme and design; arguably, the most important one is the preference of the birthday boy or girl. Growing children may not have discovered their favorite flavor or if your child is adventurous may be open to trying out new ones. We’ve compiled a list below of some of the most popular (and some slightly uncommon) flavors you may want to consider.

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Table Of Content:

  1. Chocolate
  2. Vanilla
  3. Funfetti
  4. Cheesecake
  5. Butterscotch
  6. Strawberry
  7. Lemon Or Orange
  8. Red Velvet
  9. Carrot Cake
  10. Cookies & Cream

  1. Chocolate

We’re starting the list with the safe, and most likely the most popular, option. Humble chocolate. There is a good reason for its popularity. The rich, decadent flavor is adored by children and adults alike and is a sure crowd-pleaser.

  1. Vanilla

The next safe bet after chocolate, vanilla, is a popular choice as well. While some may consider it as a boring, simple flavor, it is undoubtedly a classic for birthday cakes. Further, it pairs well with other dressings such as sprinkles or fruit – so it’s an easy cake to customize.

  1. Funfetti

Pair a delicious vanilla birthday cake with colorful sprinkles mixed into the batter and dashed on top. It’s a fun, aesthetic cake that kids love. No other cake looks the part for a celebration!

  1. Cheesecake

A light, creamy cheesecake can be a hit with adults and kids, and the fact that it goes well with different toppings makes it a versatile choice. Chocolate and strawberry or blueberry are common toppings that complement cheesecake.

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  1. Butterscotch

Butterscotch can be a good choice thanks to its mix of buttercream frosting and caramel syrup that makes it delicious without being overly sweet. You can introduce nuts to the sides or top of the cake to add a bit of crunch.

  1. Strawberry

A sweet flavor that can be popular with children for birthday cakes. Depending on the birthday boy or girl, leaning towards a fruity flavor can be popular or not, so knowing your child’s preference will be important whether strawberry will be a good choice. 

  1. Lemon Or Orange

Sticking with the fruit flavors, choosing a zesty option like an orange cake or lemon cake can add a fresh, tangy flavor to the birthday cake. While not a traditionally sweet flavor, the mix of zest and sweetness can make for an interesting taste. If your child enjoys citrusy flavors these might be a good option for them.

  1. Red Velvet

This rich, indulgent cake has an interesting flavor, similar to a mix of vanilla and chocolate and yet it’s own flavor on its own. With a deep red color and white cream cheese frosting this can be a classy and delicious choice for the birthday day.

  1. Carrot Cake

While a cake with a veggie base may not sound appealing, the mix of carrot, spices and a cream cheese icing can be a tasty choice for a birthday cake. You’ll just want to make sure your child is OK with the less than traditional sweet flavor.

  1. Cookies & Cream

We cap off our list with another extremely popular flavor for a child’s birthday cake. Cookies and cream is usually made with crushed Oreo cookies, cake batter and frosting, making it the perfect for kids who love Oreos.



While there are many more flavors and combinations for you to try, we’ve listed some of the most popular ones with children. Options like coffee, coconut, and black forest are some of the other alternatives should your child be more open to different flavors. You’ll want to pick the appropriate flavor based on your child or guests preferences.

Once you’ve settled on the flavor, you can then choose additional toppings and the design of the birthday cake. If you have specific preferences such as preferring a vegan based cake, you’ll want to let your baker know in advance. Should you be looking for a reputed baker in the St Pete or Dunedin, FL area do get in touch with us over at Southern Bay Bakery. We specialize in custom cakes for any occasion and requirement, while being able to cater to specific dietary needs such as vegan or gluten free options.


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