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Making a cake is not just about the taste, it’s also about the presentation. A beautifully decorated cake can make any occasion even more special. However, decorating a cake can be challenging if you don’t have the right skills and tools. If you’re baking a custom cake for a loved one or private event, you may be looking for inspiration on how to make your cake look just a little bit more beautiful. In this article, we will share some tips on how to make your cake look lovely, even if you’re not an expert baker.

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Now onto the tips.


Table Of Content:

  1. Choose The Right Cake
  2. Plan Your Design
  3. Use The Right Tools
  4. Use Frosting To Your Advantage
  5. Add Some Decorations
  6. Pay Attention To The Details
  7. Consider Different Shapes And Sizes
  8. Use Templates For Intricate Designs
  9. Don’t Overdo It
  10. Practice, Practice, Practice
  11. Keep Your Cake Fresh

  1. Choose the Right Cake

The first step in making a customized, beautiful cake is choosing the right one. Consider the occasion and the theme of the event. A classic vanilla or chocolate cake can be decorated in many different ways, while a themed cake may require specific flavors or colors. If you’re not sure what cake to choose, ask the person who the cake is for or look for inspiration on social media or baking websites.

  1. Plan Your Design

Before you start decorating your cake, plan your design. Sketch out your ideas on paper or use a cake design app to visualize your cake. Think about the colors, patterns, and decorations that will suit the occasion and the cake flavor. Keep your designs simple and elegant if you’re not confident.

  1. Use The Right Tools

To make a beautiful cake, you need the right tools. Invest in good quality cake decorating tools, such as piping bags, nozzles, spatulas, and cake turntables. These tools will make your job easier and give your cake a professional finish. You can find these tools at baking supply stores or online.

  1. Use Frosting To Your Advantage

The frosting is a key element in cake decorating. Use it to your advantage by experimenting with different textures and flavors. Buttercream frosting can be piped into various shapes and designs, while whipped cream frosting can be used for a lighter and fluffier texture. Use food coloring to add a pop of color to your frosting, or use edible glitter for a touch of glamour.


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  1. Add Some Decorations

Decorations can make your cake stand out. Use fresh fruits, flowers, or chocolates to add a pop of color and flavor. You can also use fondant to create intricate shapes and designs, such as flowers, animals, or letters. Use edible paint to add details and highlights to your decorations.

  1. Pay Attention To The Details

The details can make or break your cake design. Pay attention to the small details, such as the piping consistency, the spacing between decorations, and the symmetry of your design. Use a ruler or a cake leveler to ensure your cake layers are even and straight. Don’t rush, and take your time to create a beautiful cake.

  1. Consider Different Shapes And Sizes

While round cakes are the most common shape, the beauty of baking your custom cake is that you are not limited by tradition. You can create a unique and eye-catching design by using different shapes and sizes. Square, rectangular, or even hexagonal cakes can add a modern twist to your cake design. You can also create a tiered cake for a more dramatic effect.

  1. Use Templates For Intricate Designs

If you’re not confident in your artistic skills, use templates for intricate designs. You can print out designs or patterns on paper and place them on your cake. Then, trace the design onto your cake using a toothpick or a food-safe pen. This will help you create a precise and professional-looking design.

  1. Don’t Overdo It

While adding more decorations and colors to your cake is tempting, sometimes less is more. Don’t overdo it, and keep your design simple and elegant. A few well-placed decorations can greatly impact your cake’s appearance.

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice

Cake decorating is a skill that takes time and practice to master. Don’t be discouraged if your first cake doesn’t turn out as planned. Keep practicing and experimenting with different techniques and designs. Watch online tutorials, take a cake decorating class, or join a baking community to get feedback and advice.

  1. Keep Your Cake Fresh

A beautiful cake is also a fresh cake. Keep your cake fresh by storing it in an airtight container or wrapping it in plastic wrap. If you’re making a cake in advance, freeze it and thaw it before decorating.



In conclusion, decorating a cake can be a fun and creative process. With the right tools, skills, and techniques, you can make a beautiful and delicious cake that will impress your guests. Remember to plan your design, use the right tools, pay attention to the details, and keep practicing.

We hope the above tips can inspire or help you along your journey to baking a beautiful, eye-catching cake that looks as good as it tastes! In the meantime, contact Southern Bay Bakery if you’d like to leave the custom cake to the experts. Our team will work with you to design the perfect custom cake to suit your event.


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