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If you’re looking for a fun activity with your kids, why not try baking? Not only is it a great way to spend time together, but you’ll also end up with delicious treats. Assembling ingredients, stirring batter, and watching the oven timer tick down are all easily made into fun family activities. Here are five ways to get all your little bakers involved in the kitchen!

Decorating cupcakes

The first important step, have a batch of cupcakes to decorate. You can bake them the night before or use cupcakes from the supermarket, but either way, make sure they’re fresh and delicious. You can even buy them from a pastry shop!

Gather all the ingredients:

  • Frosting,
  • Sparkles,
  • Edible decorations.

Let kids choose their flavors, colors, and designs. Kids will have so much fun with this part. It’s worth it to let them create whatever they want.

Finally, be ready to take a picture of the cupcakes before they are gone at lunchtime!

Building a gingerbread house

With Christmas coming, gingerbread houses are great fun for kids, but they can be a little hassle to put together. Thankfully, plenty of kits are sold in bakeries and pastry shops, making it easier to get your kids on holiday decorating fun. Choose one with pieces pre-cut out and ready for assembly. As a hint, gingerbread is best glued together with royal icing, a mixture of water, and powdered sugar, so be ready with these ingredients. 

Ensure you get all the necessary edible decorations so you and your kids will have a whole day of fun. You will love building, decorating, and adding colorful details onto the house’s roof and all over the gingerbread creation. 


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Baking cookies

Baking cookies is an excellent activity for kids because it’s easy and requires no special equipment. There are so many different kinds of cookies to choose from that it depends on you and your kids which one you would prefer to bake. 

To make the baking process even more fun, try making different shapes—heart-shaped ones for Valentine’s Day, Christmas trees for Christmas, etc.

Making ice cream sandwiches

Making ice cream is a simple task that kids can easily do by themselves. Add sugar, milk, and vanilla to a frozen bowl and stir until the mixture becomes soft-serve ice cream. Stirring can be challenging for your kids after some minutes, so help them after they get tired! You can add flavor to the ice cream by incorporating blended fruit or some fruit essences.

After making the ice cream, spread it into the cookies you bought in the supermarket or at your nearest pastry shop. Enjoy the treat with your kids!

Dump cakes

Dump cakes are cakes that get their name from the preparation method. Rather than measuring and mixing ingredients, dump cakes are made by simply dumping everything into a pan and then baking it. It’s an excellent option for kids because it does not require equipment. The basic dump cake consists of:

  • a can of fruit pie filling,
  • a box of cake mix, 
  • some butter.

There are endless variations on this simple recipe, so the fun is to create your recipe with your kids’ creativity!

Baking can be a fun family activity.

Baking is an excellent way for families to bond and spend quality time together without getting bored.

Baking gives kids creative outlets while teaching them about nutrition and following instructions to create a delicious end product. Not only will they learn how easy it is to make sweets, but they will also see how much work goes into making those sweet treats too!


We hope these fun baking activities have inspired you to do baking with your kids. You can visit Southern Bay Bakery, try our treats and get inspiration for future recipes at home with your kids!


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